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About Urbanball

The concept:


The basic idea was to create a free discipline for all the young people who would practice it.  
The aim? To make this discipline both fun, technical, and above all a free, creative and evolving game.
Urbanball is a discipline but above all a mindset, a movement  "Lifestyle " which is aimed at the beginner as well as the elite.


How is it practiced?


It is a mixture of football techniques (feet), basketball (hands), dance and acrobatics, all on a lively music and with amUrbanball balloon. It's up to you to perform figures alone or with friends. All parts of your body can be used (feet, hands, arms, knees, head, neck, shoulders...).
This discipline is practiced wherever you want, you just need a space in which you will be able to create your own style and your own tricks (Figures) and thus make room for your creativity.
The ball is the main tool of the discipline. Its rubbery texture is studied for a better adhesion in any circumstance, its reworked lightness will allow you the realization of any kind of figures in order to defy the laws of gravity and become the best URBANBALLER! 
It's your turn



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