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Ibuki - Japan Ambassador




In this article, we present one of our Urbanball Amabassists in Japan, it is Ibuki Yoshida! He started freestyle more than 10 years ago, which allowed him to reach an exceptional level and participate in the biggest international freestyle football competitions. His record speaks for him, he has been sacred to the four corners of the world. He is part of the freestyle group "Air Technician", who are among the best in the discipline.





- 2013 Xperia juggling challenge 1st place
- 2015 G-STYLE FOOTBALL 1st place(Japan champion)
- 2016 SuperBall 2016 Top16 
- 2017 Wing Clash Of Freestyle vol.5 1st place
- 2018 Who's Got Skills 1st place 😂
- 2019 Japan Freestyle Football Championships 2nd place
- 2019 Asian Pacific Freestyle Football Championship 1st place(Asian Champion)
- 2019 Red Bull Street Style 2019 World Final in Miami Top8 
- 2020 WFFA World Ranking 2nd place






- Date of birth?

4th July 1996


- Place of birth?

Hyogo Prefecture Japan


- How did you discover freestyle?

I was in soccer club when I was 15 and my coach taught me, then I started freestyle when I was 17. I often watched YouTube videos.


- Why freestyle is a passion?

because freestyle changed my life


- What’s your favorite trick?



- What is your strong point?

I do my own style. No one can do it.


- What advice would you give to those who are a beginner?

Your life is yours so enjoy everything.


- What Urbanball mean to you?

I want to show to the world what is freestyle football through using Urbanball products.


After discovering Ibuki, we will introduce you soon Michryc!

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