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Kazane - Japan ambassador

Kazane - Japan ambassador




It’s time to showcase one of Japan’s most renowned freestylers, who has made his mark in the world thanks to his flow, style, and creativity. He has his own style and his creativity is confusing and impressive. He is also part of the "Air Technician" team, which brings together outstanding freestylers.



- Champion Freestyle Football Japan


- 4th in the WorldCup Freestyle Football





- Date of birth?



- Place of birth?

Shiga - Japan


- How did you discover freestyle?

I went library for just hanging out when I was 10, one freestyler was there, I watched his freestyle like 1hour, then he talked to me like you can join us!! So join the community!!!


- Why freestyle is a passion?

Because this is my life!! 


- What’s your favorite trick?

Obviously cross over.


- What is your strong point?

Don’t think just feel the music and feel my vibes and your vibes.


- What advice would you give to those who are a beginner?

Keep training in your favorite place with your favorite music and your favorite peoples!! Do whatever you want! Have fun with your ball 👍


After talking to you about Kazane one of the greatest Japanese freestylers, we will introduce you in the next article the other Urbanball ambassador from Japan, the talented Ibuki!


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