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Michryc - Polish ambassador

Michryc - Polish ambassador





We present our Ambassador Urbanball to Poland, Michryc. He started freestyle about 15 years ago, giving him a lot of experience over time. In addition, he is a freestyler who shows great creativity which allows him to stand out from others. He is an essential member of the Urbanball family.




3 time World Champion (2013, 2015, 2018)





- Date of birth?



- Place of birth?



- How did you discover freestyle?

I discover freestyle in summer 2005 when I’ve watched a video of first Polish Freestylers Psona and Lebioda 


- Why freestyle is a passion?

Because Freestyle gives me freedom, fun, self-expression and grows as a human being 


- What’s your favorite trick?

I don’t have one. I like my tricks like 360 atw, MichRyc move, and my stalls 


- What is your strong point?



- What advice would you give to those who are a beginner?

Your passion and connection with freestyle is much more important than followers, success and your status



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