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Yorok - Saudi Arabia ambassador

Yorok - Saudi Arabia ambassador





It’s time to introduce one of our Urbanball Ambassadors who all came straight from Saudi Arabia. It is still a major player in the freestyle world, called Yorok Freestyle. He has a lot of experience in freestyle which has allowed him to win many titles throughout his career and it is not expected to stop.





- Freestyle Football Egypt 🇪🇬 champion 5 times


- Current Arab Freestyle Champion

- Super Ball Show Flow World Champion 2014





- Date of birth: 2nd Of January



- Place of birth:

Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 


- How do you discover freestyle? 

I started by doing everything Ronaldinho was doing then I watched Touzani’s famous video, after that, I started to search for Freestyle Football videos


- Why freestyle is a passion?

 It changed my life totally, and gave me self confidence... it took me to places I would never go to without it


- Favorite trick?

Yorok Move


- What is your strong point? 

Flow, style & originality 


- Advice would you give to those who are a beginner?

Be yourself, enjoy it and don’t forget there is no secret it’s all about practice


- What Urbanball mean to you? 

Urbanball an original brand that gives you express yourself your way

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