» » 5 tips to get started with freestyle football by Urbanball

5 tips to get started with freestyle football by Urbanball

5 tips to get started with freestyle football by Urbanball




By meeting these criteria, you ensure that you learn freestyle in the best conditions.



  1. Have freestyle shoes

All these details are important to optimize performance and feel at the top to progress and take maximum pleasure during workouts.

To practice freestyle football, it's necessary to have good shoes. The purchase of shoes represents a major step in the success of the learning of freestyle. You have to ask the people in the freestyle community for the best advice you can get. Team Urbanball gives you some tips for choosing freestyle shoes:

- Do not over-tighten shoes to maintain flexibility
- do not have shoes too thick at the seam
- no high shoes


  1. Choose a freestyle ball

There are different freestyle balls for each type of freestyle category. You can get them on the different sites of the freestyle brands, especially on urbanball.com. Urbanball has many balls on its site to facilitate the practice of freestyle (Blackfire, Pyrofire, Skyfire, and Whitefire). The materials that compose them make it possible to obtain special grips that attach to the freestyler’s clothing making it possible to make incredible technical gestures.

  1. Schedule these training sessions

To maintain a constant level of excellence throughout the learning of this discipline, it is necessary to put in place a schedule of the week on which he is enrolled on the training days. This technique makes it possible not to lose sight of these objectives and to organize ourselves next to each other to plan the rest of the week.


  1. Organize the content of these training courses

It is essential for a freestyler to organize his training session. This consists of knowing what types of tricks the freestyler will work on during his training and what he decides to focus his efforts on. There are 4 categories that are:

- the lower (air move)
- upper (neck block etc.)
- ground (dribbling on the ground)
- sitdown (sitting juggling)


  1. Surround yourself with maximum freestyle and be active in the community.

If you want to improve, you should not hesitate to ask questions and ask for help if you feel the need. Through social networks and events, it is quite possible to obtain advice or answers to our questions. We need to question Urbanball coaches directly via their social media accounts, they will be happy to advise and accompany you in your progress!

In order to meet even more people in the freestyle community, it is necessary to be visible on social networks. Never hesitate to publish for fear of not having the level or not pleasing. By publishing content, we make ourselves more visible, which increases the possibilities that the publication be seen by people at a higher level who can give you feedback on the video.

In conclusion, filming also allows one to make a self-criticism of oneself and to realize what is wrong and what to change as quickly as possible.


You know what you have to do... Become the best Urbanballer freestyle!

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