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Video Game "Street Power Football" (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC)

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The new freestyle game "Street Power Football" has just been revealed by Séan Garnier! 

The exact date of the marketing of the game is not yet known but it will take place during Summer 2020 so stay attentive Urbanballers because it looks very hot! 

Street Power Football is an arcade street football game. With your character become the King of the Street and follow in Sean Garnier’s footsteps as you rub shoulders with the greatest legends of freestyle football and street soccer.

In addition, in this brand-new game, it will also be possible to play all the best freestylers and street players on the planet (Melody Donchet, Liv Cooke, Andrew Henderson, Raquel Benetti or Daniel Got Hits)! You can perform the same tricks as your favorite players. There is a multitude of tricks to learn, your favorite is necessarily part of this list! 

The games "Street Power Football" will regroup 6 different game modes allowing everyone to take maximum pleasure in his favorite discipline:

- Freestyle football 
- Pannaball 
- Trickshot 
- Street Power Match
- Become the King (history mode)
- Elimination match 

In addition to these different game modes, it will also be possible to: 

- Customize your character to the maximum 
- Changing clothes
- Tattoo shop available


This release of the game Street Power Football marks a very important turning point for freestyle football, it is an exceptional opportunity for people to learn more about these disciplines that are sometimes still unknown to the general public, this game will put them to the forefront!



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