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Blackfire ball BLACKFIRE BALL

The Urbanball has been used by pro freestylers since 2004 and allowed some to win the most prestigious competitions in the world.


Its original concept allows you to develop your style by mixing different universes such as football and freestyle basketball. Its rubbery texture is studied for better grip in all circumstances, its lightness reworked to allow the realization of all types of figures to challenge the laws of gravity and become the best URBANBALLER.


The ball is for beginners and freestyle pros.


* Suitable for football and basketball freestyle

* Material: Rubber

* Weight of the ball: 450 grams

* Ball size 5





stars_3 - Review added the Monday 22 February 2016by berkay C

hello please contact my email Delivery from 02/02/2016 and no later than 15/02/2016. but its 22-2-2016 maybe i sended this second time but i didnt think first time sended
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