Review of jesus T on WHITEFIRE BALL


The URBANBALL has been used by professional freestylers since 2004 and allowed some of them to win the most prestigious competitions.


Its original concept allows you to develop your style by mixing several universes such as football, basketball, and dance. Its texture is specifically made for a better grip in any circumstances. Its lightness has been refined in order to be able to realize any type of tricks challenge the laws of gravity and be the best URBANBALLER.


Like the Pyrofire, the Whitefire is made of new material. Its grip is different from other balls and provides a perfect grip.


The unique grip allows the best control.

  • Material Rubber
  • Size 5
  • Weight of the ball: 450 grams 
stars_5 - Review added the Sunday 10 April 2016by jesus T

It is a really good ball and I've barely started using it. It could grip on whatever kind of pants or shorts your using and it makes juggling more fun than just a regular soccer ball.
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